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Scholarship Program

For Teachers

The intention of the scholarship fund is help meet SATYA’s goal of making continuing education available to individuals seeking to enhance their service work in at-risk and vulnerable communities, regardless of financial situation. First priority is given to: 200 hour certified or similarly experienced yoga teachers and clinicians and professionals with training, certifications and extensive experience with an underserved population.  Applicants should exhibit a strong personal connection to yoga practice and live in the "greater seacoast area" (or within 60 mile radius of Portsmouth NH).  Scholarships are provided at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. Submitting an application for a scholarship does not guarantee that you will receive one. Scholarships may be for partial or full tuition to the program you wish to attend.

All applicants must certify that they have performed 25 hours of Service work in the year prior to this scholarship application. Service Work shall be defined as giving of one’s personal service to others without receiving financial compensation for such work. The Service Work need not be in the field of Yoga, but should have a correlation to your desire to perform Service to underserved communities.  Applicants also agree to perform at least 25 hours of yoga service following the training supported by a SATYA scholarship.  Yoga service can be either paid or unpaid but should allow recipient to use tools learned in this specific training and  to build experience working with a specific population.  In addition, recipients of the scholarship agree to assist SATYA in promoting its mission and vision in their community.  All scholarship recipients must join SATYA as an individual Partner in Service at the cost of $40.00 within 15 days of notice of award of scholarship.  The purpose of the requirement to join is to expand membership and to ensure commitment to and from the applicants.

A survey of the training program must be submitted within one week of completing the training program to the Scholarship Committee. Proof of 25 hours of service following the training must be submitted within twelve months.  Failure to complete these steps will require the recipient to return the scholarship funds to SATYA.