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SATYA Independent Contractor Application


How many years teaching must a SATYA yoga teacher have?

Teaching experience varies.  While it is preferred that teachers have had at least two years yoga teaching experience, SATYA also values professional, educational and life experience which support teaching in diverse populations.

What specific training must a SATYA teacher have?

It is preferred that SATYA yoga teachers have a minimum of 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved training, plus additional specialized training in teaching yoga to the community of interest.  All SATYA yoga teachers are expected to have some training in trauma sensitivity and trauma informed yoga practices. New SATYA yoga teachers will be mentored by those who are more experienced.  SATYA Program Coordinators may recommend additional training and SATYA may be able to assist teachers with funding for additional training.

Is this a volunteer position?

SATYA Program Teachers receive a stipend for each class they teach, regardless of size.  The stipend is intended to defray time and travel costs and is not considered pay that is commensurate with either value or experience or level of additional work they are asked to do.  SATYA Program Teachers are highly valued by SATYA, our partner organizations and their students and we recognize that the work of SATYA Program Teachers is indeed, of the highest level of SEVA, or selfless service.