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The Sober Yogis Program was designed to jump-start your recovery, no matter how many years of sobriety are under your belt. As meditative practices gain notoriety for their effectiveness in addiction recovery, research into their effectiveness is following suit. 

Sober Yogis blends traditional therapeutic practices with Eastern mindfulness techniques and physical conditioning to attain successful autonomy from chemical dependence. We offer weekly group support meetings in Portsmouth and Exeter and unlimited Hot Yoga and Pilates classes. 

Weekly group support sessions will help you get support from people on a similar path, develop connections within the yoga community and share your experiences. The support meetings allow us to observe the recovery of others and offer witnesses to our own successes. These groups are effective because they draw you into a culture of people who are taking care of themselves and making living a meaningful life a priority. Trained clinicians will help guide and support the groups to maximize effectiveness. 

800 Islington St
Portsmouth, NH 

Many Thanks to our Organizational Members and Sponsors!!

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